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Budget & Allocations Committee


One of the major roles that is performed by The Community Chest is the operation of our Budget & Allocations Committee. The purpose of this committee is to review each application for funding to assure that the requesting organization meets the following requirements:

  • Their services are needed in the Port Washington community
  • That they are either local to Port Washington or are clearly providing services to the Port Washington community
  • That they are properly managed and fiscally responsible

After review of applications annually, some organizations are invited to present their information to our B&A committee.  After review of written applications and in-person reviews, the B&A committee makes their recommendation to the Executive Committee for their final review and approval.  The recommendation by the B&A committee includes a list of which agencies should be funded and how much should be given to each agency.

CLICK HERE to see the current list of agencies being funded by The Community Chest.

Please click on each of the links below for helping in applying for a grant from the Community Chest of Port Washington for the 2016 - 2017 fiscal year.


Grant Report Form & Instructions for 2016 Grant

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