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Our Organization

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How We Are Organized

Our ability to help is such a broad way throughout the Port Washington Community is the results of help from many people throughout Port Washington.  The structure that support these efforts is as follows:

1.  Membership

Each person that has made a contribution to the Chest within the current or immediate past fiscal year are members.

2.  Board of Directors

Our board is selected and approved by membership vote. The Board is responsible for the overall policy and direction of the Chest. The Board delegates responsibility for day-to-day operation to the staff and committees.

3.  Officers

There may be up to five Officers of the corporation, including the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer.

4.  Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers, plus chairs of Standing Committees, the immediate past President, and up to 2 other Board Members selected by the President.  The purpose of the Executive Committee is to provide overall management of the Chest.

5.  Standing Committees

Standing Committees include the Campaign Committee, the Finance Committee, the Budget and Allocations Committee, the Nominating and Board Development Committee and the Public Relations Committee.

6.  Ad-Hoc Committees

Other committees may be established by the Executive Committe as needed to support the mission, vision, and operating goals of the Chest. These typically would report to Standing Committes.  Example of these committees would be specific event committees, a phonathon committee, a Citizen of the Year committee, and the business campaign committee.

7.  Executive Director and Staff

The Chest may employ an Executive Director and other staff to support the Chest's Officers and the Executive Committee.